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Our Services

We believe that your company must have an impressive online presence. Here are the following services that we offer to you:

Designing and Building Websites from Scratch

Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group provides excellent web design solutions for all companies. We focus on the effective delivery of web solutions for the satisfaction of our clients. We comply with their expectations and create an impressive user experience.

The best thing about our service is that they are customized within budget and delivered on time.

We make all things possible online by designing and building websites from scratch. We make it certain that aesthetics are a part of a well-designed experience. Your audience and customers are being considered throughout the whole process of building an excellent internet marketing campaign.

Among our services, we offer customized blogs, website redesigns, web engineering, custom applications, digital marketing, graphic design, and much more.

Customizing WordPress Templates

Getting a unique and eye-catching design for your WordPress site is an excellent way of being on top of the competition. Have a customized WordPress template that meets your specifications. Greatly rely on Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group where you get the complete pleasure. The WordPress template is designed the way that it should be. There is also an excellent customer support that results in your satisfaction.

There are no borders and limits because of our layouts. We also implement the best ideas easily and quickly just for you.

We do not take any shortcut to developing and designing the best WordPress templates for you.

Custom Made Websites

For a typical web designer, the focus is only on the originality, creativity, and detail of the web design. Normally, little to no attention is paid to how it will translate to code. On the other hand, a web developer will apply all the tricks and whistles out there paying no attention to the aesthetics or user experience. But why would you have to pick?

Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group is trusted in both designing and coding quality websites. A lean, standards-compliant code does wonders for SEO results and it doesn't have to sacrifice design quality. As the owner of your business website, you can save effort and time by getting your site done right from the beginning.

E-Commerce Solutions

At Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group, we help you become successful in the ever growing e-commerce universe. We have the passion of building thriving businesses online. Our methodology is different from other companies because we keep our eye not only what's being sold, but to whom it's being sold to. The best value is knowing that our solutions will help you achieve an increased revenue, higher traffic, and superior ROI.

We understand how to groom an e-commerce for maximum sales potential. We are experts at optimizing online businesses. Our clients can expect increased traffic, conversion, loyalty, site engagement, and revenue. Whether you are creating a new Internet-based business from scratch or looking for ways to increase sales and conversions, we are here to help.

Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group is established in crafting a wide array of e-commerce solutions that meet the particular needs of our clients. Our whole team is dedicated in bringing out the best e-commerce design and software development that work.

Our E-commerce solutions are designed to ensure that your website becomes successful. Our improved site requirements and strategies are uniquely created for your needs. We also help ensure that the design, user experience, and site architecture are optimized to obtain maximum results in sales and conversion.

Advanced and successful E-commerce solutions mainly require winning strategy, precise planning and clear goals. Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group has designed a better methodology that helps in achieving a long lasting success. We make way to understand the product, the value proposition, industry, competitive environment and targeted audiences. We are doing these things by first performing analysis, data collection and intensive research.

Included in our service is satisfying the requirements and needs of the targeted audience by means of using various personas. This makes certain that there is a maximum number of conversion and qualified traffic.

Advisory Websites

Not all sites were made equal. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during the creation and maintenance of a website.

We make it certain that the proper standards are being used and that the web developer is giving the client what was agreed upon.

Assure that the your site is being built properly and avoid setbacks, dissatisfied customers, or costly errors by constantly and actively having your site thoroughly analyzed by our team. Our site advisory services will take an incisive and sharp look on where there's room to grow, what can be improved, and where can it all go wrong. This helps increase the conversion of the visitors into potential customers and will save you both time and money.

We can help you determine the cycle your site is in, and effectively recommend whether a site needs to be completely rebuilt or if it only needs a few minor investments to get better results and improve its functionality. Our effective advisory service helps you in visualizing a better picture for your website. You will be shown any and all of the problem areas that affect your site and what to do to strengthen your own key features.

Your website is being scrutinized to obtain the best results possible. Our advisory team has vast experience in the complete web development process from the initial brainstorming to the delivery and maintenance of the site.


If you are aiming to have a website that ranks top among your target searches, SEO is the solution. Have an improved ranking by relying on the SEO services of the Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group. With a properly developed strategy, you will drive traffic back to your website and increase your site ranking. Our SEO services include link building, keyword analysis, code optimization, and content improvement.

Account Executive or Project Management

Our project management service is after improving the overall competitiveness of your online business in the market. We will act as the middle man between the client and the hired web development company. This will ensure that your investment will live up to your expectations and return a guarantee quality results.

The process of implementing a project is hindered by tight deadlines or limited resources among clients. This makes the process of managing a big project frustrating and daunting.

Our project management service helps in alleviating the challenges related to software implementation. Ricardo Toledo has personally brought the expertise to best communicate the critical milestones and coordinate activities.

Social Media or Community Management

At Ricardo Toledo Web Consulting Group, we execute and manage our social media campaigns to best meet the demands of the business. We have partnered up with Dupla Works to offer premium Social Media campaigns. Social media is an unbiased form of marketing; together with Dupla we can offer a superior marketing campaign that will continue to grow your customer base and add value to your products. We understand that social media marketing is time consuming, thus returning costly for clients to take this on personally. As such, we are prepared to offer these social media management services that will deliver effective results:

Our social media marketing service is proactively connecting the business to new, potential customers that are beyond the reach of search engines. Our social media campaigns are designed to attract new customers, maintain current customers, and improve their loyalty. Simultaneously, search engine rankings, reputation, and brand image improve as well.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from our services. Statistics show that customers are placing trust from friends making recommendations through social networking sites. This is why we have placed special efforts into providing a top of the line social media management service that can ensure a positive exposure of your business.